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Vizio vp322. Powers on sound great no picture! Help

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TV about 5yrs old couple years ago replaced the infamous u3300 caps tv has been fine Until this week.

Comes on fine. Sounds great. No picture .
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buy a new tv get a plasma if you want amazing realistic picture quality. costco has 51inch samsung for sub 700 and a 60 inch for a sub $8xxx. they have a 4 prong style legs. walmart has 60 lg plasma for under 600 as well. i dont know about bestbuy
Vizio vp322 is a plasma. Thanks for your reply tv had a bad cap that wasn't bulging no has that beautiful picture
i figured it was a plasma . if you had purchased a reliable brand for a bit more at the time you would of not had this issue, to not repeat the issue instead of fixing the caps just get a new set , sometimes lg plasma 60 inch is for less the 400$ . samsung 51 inch at costco 6xx$ . out of the box settings it will beat the vizio that you have.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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