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Vizio VP42 & white jumping band on display

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I recently got the VP42 off eBay for eight hundred fifty delivered (I've had it for four days it's a Refurb B unit, whatever that means). The picture is beautiful in 1080i (especially sports events), but few sources have it OTA. Anyway, I am having an issue where a white band appears every now and then (whether warmed up or cold). Let me describe. Start at the upper left corner, move about 6-8" to the right. The band is about 3-4" wide, and varies when it drops down. The best way to describe it is like an inverted equalizer indicator bar that jumps down and up just like with music (but just in white). I am presently just using the OTA antenna feeding into the antenna input in the Vizio (but I believe it also does it with DVDs using the HDMI, I'll check). Has anybody else experienced this, or can anybody tell me if there is some setting I can adjust, or (GULP) i'll have to return it? Many Thanks!
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Hmmmm, something got me thinking, and "interference" popped into my head. Then I thought what interference could it be? We'll the computer is close to the antenna and it has messed around with my reception before (especially when booting, but my previous tv was a crt so no lines just dropped frames), so I'll see if the puter is causing the problem when I get home. In any event, please let me know if you all have experienced this situation. Many Thanks!
You may want to check out the thread for this set, you might get a few more responses. For what it's worth, I've not experienced this... and for barely more than you spent you can get a brand new one at a few club stores.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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