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Just as the title said. Had the dreaded pop.


Pulled the Power Supply board & slowly replaced every capacitor that was common to go bad, then replaced the large capacitors.


Still no luck.


The green LED on the power supply board blinks when the power is on.

The indicator light on the front of the TV works, orange when on standby, & green when turned on.

I can hear 2 consecutive relays click on the power supply board when I turn it on, then a single click when I turn it off.


Still no sound or picture.


I'm almost ready to give up.


There were two small fuses next to the large capacitors.

I pulled the 250V T2AH fuse & the board stopped turning on, so I know that fuse it good.


I just checked the other fuse, 250V T5AH with the multimeter........& I think it's blown.

This fuse was right next to the large capacitor that looked like it had some leakage.


Hopefully this fixes it.


I will update tomorrow morning.


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