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Which one?

Vizio VX32L vs. Olevia 532H

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Which should I get: the Vizio VX32L or Olevia 532H? I made a pro and con chart, but any input would be good. I am leaning towards getting a refurbished VX32L for $425 shipped. Do these sets have any warranty? Also, how bad is the screen viewing angle on the vizio (I'm worried about having 4 people around it playing the wii)? Oh, and an important thing for me is standard definitition quality because right now I only have local channels over the air (no cable tv).


Olevia 532H - $576.55 shippedtigerdirect





noise reduction

reduces jaggies


1 of each input

small amount of blur

(menu system)

viewing angle not great

black levels/shadow detail

VIZIO VX32L 425 refurbished



deep shade black


menu system


shadow detail



view angle

ok jaggies/noise reduction
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You should be able to get HD over the air with a regular antenna (if you're not too far from the transmitters). I bought the Vizio yesterday and I love it so far. The angle of vision is definitely not the best I've seen but it's really not bad; I use it to play Wii too and it should work fine as long as nobody is at an angle greater than 150 or so.
Thanks for the advice. I am currently questioning either choice. The 532H seems to have alot of problems. The vizio seems good, but I am definately not getting a refurbished. Also, I live in Tennessee so I don't have costco (which it seems like is where everyone gets theres). The only store I have with it is sears and they sell it for like $600. I can get better deals online, but I don't want to have to pay a ton shipping if I need to return it.

Also, I am worried about why I see so many refurbished units around. Are there any better 32" LCD's for $500?
There's not a lot of those for that price. I agree with what you're saying and that's why I got mine at Costco (it was selling for $599) which comes with a 2 years warranty (instead of the 1 year from Vizio) and a 90 day return policy. The fact that Costco has such a great return policy (I've seen items being return way past the return policy) made it easier for me to decide to purchase it. I definitely wouldn't buy it refurbished.
You can get the 32" Vizio at Walmart for 599 with 90 day return policy.
arn't those like a cheaper version. Its either the vizio or another tv that walmart has its own version with ****** specs on

Originally Posted by spetsacdc /forum/post/0

arn't those like a cheaper version. Its either the vizio or another tv that walmart has its own version with ****** specs on

You are correct, don't get the walmart one. It has a 700:1 contrast ratio and I think a lower brightness vs 1200:1.
You might want to consider the Olevia 232T. It's a derivative of the 532H (same specs) and generally costs less.
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