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Vizio VX37L Settings

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Hello everyone,

What are your favorite video settings(brightness, contrast, color, etc) for this tv? I just got it today and was wondering what looks best on it.
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There are are few posts over in the VX37l thread for preferred settings (as well as loads of other info). For what it's worth here's what I leave mine at:

Backlight: variable but generally b/t 20 - 35.

Contrast: 79

Brightness: 49

Color: 54

Tint: + 5

Sharpness: +2

Color temp custom: Red 130/Green 107/Blue 129

I haven't calibrated it, this is just based on trial and error and personal preference.

Good luck with your new set, I'm loving mine.

Nice handle BTW.
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bump, what are the best settings for xbox 360 viewing in addition to SDTV viewing? and what are youre settings?
Can anyone else post there settings in this thread please? Saw them in the other thread, but trying to hunt back through 50+ pages isn't something i'm to interested in after scanning that thread last night.
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I wouldn't mind seeing a list of suggestions here. It is difficult to go thru 75 pages in the other thread.
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