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Hi guys, I am wondering if there is anyone on here that has re-used their Vizio wireless subwoofer after their sound bar died?  I have a Vizio vsb210ws and the sound bar is dead.  I would like to use the wireless sub in my garage stereo setup.  I figure there has got to be a way to either hard wire in a line level connection to the subwoofer or, wirelessly connect it to another brands receiver/hu? Does anyone know what frequency Vizio uses on their wireless connection between subwoofer and sound bar?  Is there anywhere to get a schematic for the subwoofers main board?   Just wondering all these things before I whip out the soldering iron and start messing around.  All of my searching so far has shown that there must be a ton of these wireless subs sitting out there being unused as the early model Vizio sound bars seem to "thermal overload" after a couple years use.
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