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I have a Vizio XVT3D554SV 55" LCD that is just a hair over 3 years old.

When I attempted to turn it on on Sunday nothing happened. I tried doing so via remote and via the power button on the left side.

The VIZIO logo on the front is lit up (when the TV is on, it changes color to white), but nothing happens.

I tried unplugging for a day

Leaving plugged in

unplugging, holding the power button pressed for 30 sec, then plugging back in.

All lead to nothing.

We did have a set of nasty winds roll through the area on Friday, whcih caused a number of outages, some intermittent with lights going on and off. The TV is using a surge protector, but was not using a UPS.

so - any ideas ? I took the back cover off, and I can't see any blown capacitors and all the voltage regulators seems to be intact. I did swap the 250V fuse just for the hell of it, and that didn't make any difference.

the Power board model is FSP295-5M01 and I can see that I can get one for about $100, but I don't want to waste my money if someone has better suggestions.

thanks in advance !

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Vizio XVT3D554SV main board repair

The XVT3D series (XVT3D554SV, XVT3D474SV and XVT3D424SV) are all known to develop issues on the main board over time.

We've been providing repairs for 2-3 years now, to find the listing just go to coppelltvrepair.com and search for XVT3D554SV....would post the link , but the site isn't allowing me to, sorry.

Hope this helps!
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