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I use the OEM equivalent of Mplay Blast (in a Zalman HD135) which is probably equivalent to the Mini with the VFD and it works well. The VFD is nifty but at the distance the HTPC is from the viewing location it's not very useful.

IR remote is the same as the Mini and it looks like the software is the same as well. The software can map the buttons to different keystrokes, system commands and to launch apps as well. Different mappings can be setup for different apps. It is compatible with XP MCE or VMC. IR receiver seems to have pretty good field of view. Software seems to be updated frequently.

A couple of problems/issues I've encountered:

1. Not as many buttons as other remotes such as the iMon (by Soundgraph). I haven't used the iMon but I have had instances where I could have used some additional buttons.

2. The software has limited flexibility to send multiple keystrokes.

3. The documentation is written in a Korean form of English and can be difficult to read.

4. The remote itself feels kinda "cheap". I use a programmable remote so its not really an issue for me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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