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?VMPS larger subwoofer?

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I've owned a VMPS Larger Sub for 3 years and let me tell you, you will have never heard deeper, more powerful and yes, clean bass from any subwoofer, as you will hear and feel from this one.

This is a real subwoofer.

However, it is a big speaker. I use mine as the LFE sub in my system. I'm currently using 2 "Audiosource" Amp 1 amps , each in mono to power the sub. One amp for each active driver. This actually sounds very good, but this sub will benefit from real power too.

I bought mine factory built without crossovers (I use the sub out crossover in my Acurus ACT3 prosser).

The kits for the subs are very easy to build yourself.

Using my trusty Radio Shack sound level meter,

I measured peaks over 120 db using just this sub alone ( no other speakers on), on such scenes as the T-Rex attack in Jurrasic park and Fifth Element among others.

This kind of power is SCARY, you actually fear for the structual integrity of the house. My house my have sounded like it was falling apart, but the sound from the speaker was CLEAN.

Now, I don't normally listen at levels approaching that, but it was an interestig experiment.

If you have the room for it, I'm sure you and your friends will be impressed.
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I should mention that this sub is also quite "fast", if such a thing can be said.

You should go to the VMPS web site and check further, perhaps even email them about your particular situation.

You might consider keeping your "Titan" sub as well and use it with your surround speakers.

I have 3 subs in my system and I would not want to do without any of them.
I'm considering replacing my ACI Titan subwoofer (which I love) with a VMPS larger subwoofer. Basically I have an extra channel on my Carver 753X amp and am wondering if I can get better performance from the VMPS. I am using the Titan because it's the only sub I could find that will keep up with my Magnepans. I'll be using the 80Hz crossover in my receiver, and I'm not sure if this will be a problem with the VMPS or not. If anyone has thoughts please let me know.
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