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Voice matching and next step

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My next step was going to be center channel and a subwoofer to finish my home theatre.

My current setup:

Receiver: Pioneer VSX-1016TXV-K 7.1 (bought after speakers)

Front speakers: Sony SS-MB350H

Rear speakers: Boston acoustic CR-65

With the listed situation would you recommend to go with the same Sony SS series center channel or the Boston CR center channel? (Im leaning towards the Boston on reputation and performance)

The subwoofer I was leaning towards is a Velodyne VRP-1000
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It's most critical to have front L-C-R matched, so, typically, you would want the same brand/model all the way across to assure optimum voice-matching (use of equal tweeters, etc.,...).

So I would decide whether you want to use a Boston Acoustics CR center based on replacing your Sony fronts with Boston Acoustic front speakers later.

Otherwise, I would just go with the matching Sony center speaker.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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