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I've been playing with this for a little while.

In our loft, I have a PC running Media Center XP. It has a 802.11g connection to the network.

In our family room, I have an Xbox 360 and use it's Media Center extender capabilities to watch content on the Media Center PC in the loft.

For recorded TV shows, everything looks and sounds fine.

When I try to watch a DVD that has been ripped to the hard drive of the PC, the voice is out of synchronization. I've tried WMV files as well as a variety of MPG files with different bitrates. Recently I tried to use the same resolution and bitrate as the recorded shows, and the voice is still out of sync(720x480, 3290Kbps). I've also tried to connect the PC directly to the network via an ethernet cable. I've also tried using Media Player 11 on another wired PC and I still get the problem.

I've been using VisualHub on my iMac to convert the files.

Can anyone recommend a good method to rip DVD movies to the PC such that they look and sound good on the Xbox 360?
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