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Volar Max Install

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I just got my new volar max today and have been trying to install aver media center. (Vista Home Premium, sp3, x86, coax from the wall direct to the tuner) Setup begins, analog channels are detected, moving to the next step, clear qam digital channels are detected, but then the install freezes and the only solution is power button shutdown. Can't even run task manager. Anyone have any ideas?
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Not much help out here with the Aver Media Volar Max. Too bad. For the record, my post should have read SP2 vice SP3. Also for the record, after wrestling with the tuner software, I have it running (with the exception of the Electronic Program Guide). I expect that is a firewall issue, but haven't gotten it sorted out yet.

If any of you buy that card, I suggest you run one setup step and when it freezes, reboot and run the next step, and when it freezes, reboot and run the next step. Eventually you get there.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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