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Voltage regulators

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I am putting a reasonably high quality HT in the house we moved into about a yr ago. I am concerned that the line voltage of the house is variable - my old Tripplite LC1800's voltage indicators frequently show low voltage, particularly if other electrical components are on in the same circuit. Also, about half of the fluorescent lighting fixtures in the house have burned out their ballasts, for which i don't have any other explanation other than poor quality electrical supply.

Based on this info, i thought it makes sense to install a power supply with voltage regulation ability rather than just a surge suppressor. Looking into this, i see in addition to the more modern versions of the Tripplite (which seem rather crude), that PS audio makes one (Premier) and a pro audio company called Furman has several models.

Does anyone have thoughts about this? the tripplite is certainly the cheapest, but the Furman is not too high (
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Depending upon the severity of the voltage sags, I would take issue with the utility first and then have your electrical service checked by a competent electrician. The utility must provide you with stable voltage according to commerce commission guidelines.

If you truly have a voltage problem, you would only be putting a band aid on a potentially worse problem.
In many areas the utility has some standard of service for voltage levels, although it may have many exceptions. Your utility should be willing to come out check the voltage at your drop and if necessary put a recording voltmeter at your service entrance. It makes sense to do that first.

Our utility is required to provide residential service of 120 volts, with a minimum of 114 volts and a max of 126 volts.

I can tell you from experience that they are more concerned with overvoltage--lamp life is really short at 126 volts.
I have a Furman AR1215 which uses an Auto transformer and some zero cross switching circuitry to keep the voltage at 120 +/- 5 volts for inputs ranging from 97 to 141 volts. It works well and you can see the led light indicating that it is switching taps whenever something large like my pool pump switches on. I think the Furman stuff is good quality and well built.

i would contact your utility company and would still purchase a furman,panamax or apc.
thanks to all for the responses. sounds like contacting the utility is the first order of business.
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