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I will be having a multi-zone, multi-source system installed in my home.

Zone 1 will be in my great room with the A/V equipment and will be set up for 5.1, zone 2 will be in my dining room with 2 in ceiling speakers, and zone 3 will be in the patio with 2 speakers. Zone 2 and 3 have been wired for inwall volume control. The original installer was going to use Russound volume control knobs. I shopped around a bit and other installers warned me that Russound volume controls will continue to draw power even when all the way down while other don't. Is that true? Someone else recommended Niles. I am having trouble finding a clear answer online. Any help with volume control/impedance balancing control knobs would be appreciated.

I am likely going with the Pioneer Elite SC-25 and may need a speaker selector box to control all 3 zones (even though the SC-25 is a 3 zone unit).
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