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Hi --

I bought me a used Yammy RX-V861 the other day (LOVE it @ $175. I think I got a decent deal). I hooked up some devices to it today, including:

Roku --> V-AUX

Tv sound out --> DTV

BlueRay player --> DVR


The Roku has HDMI out and it's using HDMI in on the yammy. The BluRay is doing the same. Of course, HDMI out from yammy to TV.

Here is what I've noticed and I don't think it's right.

I get 5.1 (only using 5.1 speaker setup) sound from the bluray device when watching a disc or Netflix. I DO NOT get 5.1 sound when watching any channel on the Roku box although I have set the device to use 5.1 sound. I get 5.1 sound from the tv (optical cable) through the yammy.

Also, and this is the most annoying - I cannot change the volume level when watching the VCR. It will remain a constant annoyingly loud throughout the volume range until it mutes. What's up with that?

Anyone have any tips or advice? Do you need more information?

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