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Volume too low on projector used outdoors

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I bought a couple of cheap projectors to try outside. This is only going to be used a dozen or so times a year. I kept a
VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector 1080P and am very happy with the quality of the video. The audio volume is very low. I hooked it up to 5 different portable BT speakers (using the aux input) and was not happy with the volume even on decent BT speakers. I looked at the projector audio settings and they are minimal.

I am thinking I need a mini amplifier. Will that work? Most I checked out seem to output to speaker wire and not a mini jack. Obviously I could cut a cable...would an inline headphone amplifier be better?
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Whenever I connect something using 3.5mm with separate volume controls, I prefer to turn up the digital source and then use the audio device itself as the final volume control, as long as there is no static. Some cheaper speakers will buzz, so I turn my phone (or computer, etc.) down to around 70-80% volume level, but still control the final volume on the speaker.
1. see if your media source has separate volume controls, if so, turn that up, either to ~75% or 100% if there is no static
2. turn up the volume on the projector as high as it will go, if it has a volume level setting
3. control sound from your speaker. I have found that some wireless speakers have a lower level when running on battery, so maybe try plugging it into power and seeing if they will go louder?

Also, depending on your source, if it has separate audio outputs (like some game consoles or disc players do) you can maybe configure it so that it's only sending video to the projector, and sending audio out to the speakers? That will eliminate the projector as a potential bottleneck that's lowering the volume. Even if it's optical out, you can buy a digital to analog converter for ~$20 and then plug that into your power speakers.

Finally, if it's only an occasional thing, I wouldn't bother with amps. They can be a good option, but less portable with all the cables - powered bookshelf speakers are a good compromise that can put out a good amount of volume. I have some Monoprice speakers on my computer desk that put out a good amount of quality sound and would easily work as an outdoor temporary setup.
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Outdoor speakers require more power to produce similar results vs indoor speakers. Outdoor speakers do not have the room boundaries to reinforce the sound, so you get a true 6dB of sound loss with each doubling of distance. If you have a house wall or garage wall or some other edifice available, you might get a bit of reinforcement if you place the speakers against it. Even then, it won't help all that much. Placing speakers under eaves (two planes of reinforcement instead of one) is the best solution, if you can accommodate that scenario. If not, then look at getting some outdoor PA-type speakers that are designed to work in the open air. I would go used to save $.

If new, look at Behringer Eurolive, which has been well reviewed, here and elsewhere.

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