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Voom and BenQ 8700

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I had Voom installed about a week ago and I am getting a black space on the bottom of the screen. On some channels I get a complete picture with no space but on most channels I get the black space in different width's depending on the channel. I am using dvi and I have tried two different dvi cables,including the one that the installer gave me and I have the ird set at 720p. I called Voom and they are having a tech coming over to check this problem on the 6\\21\\04. BTW there is a video adjustment on the menu for V and H adjustment,but it did not do anything. Other than that I am enjoyng Voom. Anyone have this problem?
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try going to picture settings. press the voom button, then click the green button, then go to the last line item on the bar. Go to picture settings, and choose between crop, stretch, letterbox, and squeeze.
hello kdre I tried that but I still have the same problem, Thanks.
This is a problem with the DVI that Voom has told me started to happen after their last major software update. Told me to connect to component. Component doesn't do it but I would rather be connected DVI. The problem only happens on the SD channels right?
I just activated our demo showroom VOOM account a few days ago and do not see any black space on the screen. My set up is using the DVI output connected to a new Optoma H76 front DLP projector.

For demo purposes we mostly use the HD channels, but I will view SD channels to see if I can duplicate the problem and call dealer technical support to see what can be done and post VOOM's reply.

I must say enjoying VOOM's HD programming in our beautiful HT demo room is an absolute amazing experience. We have a 110†16x9 Da-Lite High Contrast Cinema Vision screen. It's hard to take care of work with our very distracting new HD HT room.
There is a small trick to hook your voom box twice. Hook up one slot of your tv with say S-Video or regular RCA. Use this for the SD channels, and also connect the DVI or component up for your HD, and other channels that don't show the bars.
Hello jtirak, no the problem happens on hd channels also. All their exclusive hd channels have the space on the bottom, all the sd channels have the space on all four sides, all the local channels are ok and other hd channels like TNT hd are ok.
All their exclusive hd channels have the space on the bottom, all the sd channels have the space on all four sides

Not mine
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