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VOOM guy (came and went)

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The VOOM satellite installer just left. He said he couldn't install my dish because there is a line of trees directly blocking my path to the VOOM satellite. Dissappointed I was...

So now what? I am looking for a lot of HD, what is the second best option? I am not that familiar with all the different dish providers, I just had read that VOOM had the most HD. Who has the second most? (and a satellite that is higher in the sky!)

He said that the voom satellite was 'low on the horizon, and east' and that other dish providers were 'higher, and to the south'. I live in Seattle, where comcast HD doesn't suffice.


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In Seattle, it's almost like you're pointing underground to get the V* sat. Depending on your local cable co. I'd give that or D* a shot.
You could try D* or E*. I think E* may currently have the most HD by maybe one or two channels I know the have TNT-HD and D* does not. Your other options are get a chain saw or Cable.
Chainsaw was actually my first though, right when the guy said they were in the way. They aren't on my property though... and chainsaws are loud!

I will look at E* and D* (have cable currently)


Don't forget there's lots of free OTA HD content. Pay a visit to antennaweb.org and plug in your info to see if you have a shot at receiving any channels.
Don't always take an installers word that you don't have line of sight. Did he actually get out, walk around and look.

Check out this thread if you can get past all the bashing.

Yes, he got out, and stood about where we were wanting to mount the dish. HE had a thing that he looked through that incorporated something like a compass, along with a vertical angular measurement.

On the east coast I hear that the Voom satellite is at about 60 degrees, so I am hoping trees will not be an issue. The Voom guy comes on Friday. The place that I think works is approximately 15 feet from the house, and it will have to be mounted on a pole. Does the installers usually bring mounting to the ground, I assume that they would rather place them on the house. I will dig the trench for the coax, if that is a reason he doesn't want to do it.

Anyway, hopefully he will give it a try, I don't want a guy running away before he tries.
Call your installer ahead of time and work out the details.
Originally posted by madpoet
Call your installer ahead of time and work out the details.
I second that. I've had two Dish installers refuse pole mounts because they don't dig holes ... a different guy has to come out to dig the hole for them. Elitist b**tards :)
I am curious how you originally signed up for Voom, before the installer came out. I would have hoped that there would have been mechanisms in place to determine the likelihood of installation success well before the installer is scheduled.

If I had been a sales agent and got your phone call and you said 'Seattle' the first thing out of my mouth would have been "what does the horizon look like in this direction? if there are tall tress, the chances of success are minimal to not at all."?

Of course, I am amazed that Voom actually has installers in cities in the extreme West considering their satellite's position.
People in Seattle have gotten the signal. It all depends on your view.
I do understand this and was not trying to block the entire NW in a no-service zone, but rather a means for the potential subscriber to make a fairly educated conclusion prior to an installer coming out. The idea would be to reduce the failure rate of installs in the environment of others waiting for their installation.
You can get 10 HD channels off C-band using a 4DTV receiver, a HDD-200 decoder and a 10' Dish. The programming is cheaper than anything else, BUT, the hardware costs are 2000-3000 and you must have room for the dish. I'll also add that the picture quality is second-to-none!
And every HOA community will prohibit that 10' dish. While the programming is cheaper (a la carte in a sense) the setup costs and obstacles may be unsurmountable for most people.
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