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Vote for the Next Genesis Game to be turn into an XBLA game!

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description says it all

vote is provided for sega



1. Earthworm Jim

2. Golden Axe 2

3. Shining Force

4. Revenge of Shinobi

5. Streets of Rage (1)

6. Toejam & Earl

7. Wonderboy

my vote is for Earthworm Jim
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toejam all the way. Used to smoke and play that in highschool
I wish that Sega would release Shining Force III parts 1-3. It's extremely unfortunate that only the first part of the saga was released in North America. Now that was a SRPG.
*crosses fingers* herzog zwei!
None of the above, I'd rather see more arcade ports like the XBLA releases for Golden Ax and Shinobi, but this time focus on their racing titles. Instead, looks like we'll just be seeing something that we already either have on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, or could buy off the Virtual Console for the Wii.

I'd love Xbox Live Arcade releases for their arcade games (Not the Genesis ports) like Outrun, Turbo Outrun, Outrunners, Hang-On, Super Hang-On, Turbo, etc.
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hmmm, is more original XBLA games lilke, say, Braid an option? You can buy a genesis on ebay for like $50. I want more original XBLA content.
Personally I don't need TF&E to come to the arcade as I still have my original copy but for those who don't have access to a Genesis it really is the best game on that list followed by EWJ
I love TJ&E on the Genesis, but I only have the 360, no regular XBOX.

I would prefer they focus on backwards compatability allowing those of us new to the XBOX family to play TJ&E3 on our 360s.

Originally Posted by antwon412 /forum/post/17002764

*crosses fingers* herzog zwei!

Add me as a vote to bring out herzog zwei!

Originally Posted by Mattdoc /forum/post/17003347

I love TJ&E on the Genesis, but I only have the 360, no regular XBOX.

I would prefer they focus on backwards compatability allowing those of us new to the XBOX family to play TJ&E3 on our 360s.

Yeah I'd like that as well. Granted I thought it was the weakest in the series but still
Afterburner, Daytona USA, Sega Racing, Virtua Fighter.

Where are the Dreamcast titles? Give me Powerstone, Crazy Taxi, Virtua Tennis, House of the Dead, Sonic, etc..

Sega is just plain stupid, no wonder why they are out of the console race. Its like they do not want to make money.

They had an extremely popular console in the Dreamcast that was killed off early due to PS2 hype. Many Dreamcast fans naturally bought into the Xbox/Xbox360 console out of Playstation hate. And even the certain Xbox components like the popularity of Take Two sports games and the even the Xbox controller come directly from the Dreamcast.

You would think buy now Sega would have its Dreamcast "greatest hits" available for download on XBL marketplace. The 360 is about to see its 5th christmas and they have yet to make these games playable again.
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I still have my Dreamcast so I'm not so concerned but I do believe you're right Daekwan.

I wouldn't mind getting the Sega CD version of Eternal Champions (which I never got to play). I see it was released for Wii's VC, but I assume that is the cartridge version. Anyone know for sure?
I voted for Streets of Rage since I remember the music being pretty awesome.

I wish Sega would work on bringing out some of those arcade titles that never materialized at home, instead of Genesis/Dreamcast stuff or some of those crap Wii titles like Madworld.
Sorry to bump this, but has there been any word on when TJ&E will hit XBLA? Looking forward to earning some funky achievements... I just hope the price is in line with other SEGA classics (i.e., 400 points).
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