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Vote for your Favorite Home Theatre on AVS...

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Whose HT is your favorite on AVS. I have a couple I've been incredibly impressed by. ChinaDog a.k.a Bud did an awesome job on his. I also like what is happening with the Pirates of the Carribean theatre, althought not finished. I shall compile the responses and see who gets the most votes. I guess it's the Hall of Fame HT!

Pleae provide :-

1. a link to the HT thread showing the theater

2. what you like about it specifically

Let the voting begin. Obviously you cannot vote for yourself.
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Originally Posted by mhallida /forum/post/0

Obviously you cannot vote for yourself.

Obviously this may not be the best idea anyone's ever had (the 'vote for your favorite theater' idea, that is).

This forum is for theater design and construction, to share ideas and to ask questions. I understand that you think some of the theaters on here are amazing, and I would concur. That being said, the forum's not a popularity contest - if it was I would have been voted off the island a LONG time ago.

You're welcome to start the 'voteforyourfavoritehometheater.com' domain and run contests from there. I suspect it'll be spam filled in no time, much like the 'hotornot.com' domains.

I believe your heart was in the right place with your idea, but it just doesn't fit here, in my opinion. Others are of course free to differ in theirs.

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I kinda agree [but who am I].

Now, most entertaining thread might be worthwhile

Some of you guys have had me lol.

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Now that you point it out.... I feel like a jerk. Duh.... You're right... How do I rectify this mess!? Any ideas? Ok, how about NAME and SHAME! Who has done the most crazy stupid and not to code theater install? Where as that guy who cut the male end off a power cable and attached it to another male ended plug so he could plug it into a recessed outlet! A nice LIVE male plug floating around the house, what a great idea!

What was funny my building inspector asked me if the plug that goes into my Power inlet was live. I thought of the guy with the crazy setup!

Ok, vote me off the island now... Or maybe give me a beer!
Wasn't a bad idea- I would like to see some of the better theaters on one thread given the huge amount of pics you have to go through in the gallery......
I don't know about the rest of you, but SandmanX's build was very inspirational for me...
SandmanX's, no question. His was one of the first (at least that I saw) that went into the granular levels of detail needed to really learn how to pull it all together. His outstanding vision / design and DIY talent made it a thread for the ages. You can measure his impact by the number of times his design elements have made it into other theaters since. My theater would have looked a whole lot different if I had not read that thread first.
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