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I just buy the VP 50, and during the weekend, after to have made all the connections and parametrages I was able to viewed in good conditions the SAT, the contents of my Mediabox, and DVD.

Yesterday evening by viewing a DVD, the curtain function started alone and since it's impossible to have an image ............

The blue led meaning a problem HDCP flashes permanently....Even after making a lot of reset

My materiel is the following one:

Screen LCD Philips 42PF 9830 connected in HDMI with the VP50 by passing in transit by a switch Gefen 2x2

Reader DVD pioneer 868 Avi connected in HDMI 480i

Sat decoder Nokia connected in Component and audio stereo

HD mediabox pixel Magic connected in SVideo and audio coaxial

Can somebody help me to solve this problem ???

Thank you
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