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VP50Pro - new unit having problems

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I'm having a lot of problems with my new VP50pro; hoping I've done something wrong in setup and it's not the unit. I purchased the unit new from an authorized dealer (drop shipped from Anchor Bay, June 20th). It arrived from the factory with firmware version 1.05, I've done no updates. Here's breakdown of issues I'm experiencing:

1) Mode 1 & Mode 2 with Panamorph lens

When either is selected, picture output is smaller than screen.

The only way I get picture on the entire screen is when

Auto Mode 1 is selected (I could post pictures of the output

if that would help)

2) No audio pass through from HDMI and I do have audio output

set to HDMI

The settings on my VP50Pro

1) Format 1080p/60

2) DirectTV is passing 1080i, Samsung Blu-Ray 3600 set to 1080p-24

Forced 3:2

3) Projector JVC RD2 with fixed Panamorph lens

4) Screen is 2.35: 1

5) Active Aspect ratio

Samsung DVD 2.35 :1

DirectTV 1.78 : 1

6) Frame Aspect 16:9

7) Output Aspect Ratio

- Display Aspect Ratio 2.35:1

- Lens Mode

I tried Mode 1 for Blu-Ray input and Mode 2 for DirectTV - both made picture very small on screen. Mode 1 Auto over fills screen (by about 1 on each side); but does at least provide picture; although it does appear the image has been zoomed as part of top is missing

8) Framerate Conversion - unlocked

Appreciate your help with this. Hoping to try your suggestions this weekend

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Originally Posted by wood930 /forum/post/16840965

...It arrived from the factory with firmware version 1.05

That's interesting and comes as a surprise to me. DVDO are still showing the production firmware as 1.04 so has the 1.05 beta gone to production status? I guess if it's shipping from the factory with this version then must be so.
What mode do you have the JVC set to? I also assume you are outputting 1080p straight into it through HDMI?
Yes outputting 1080P direct to JVC. On the JVC, i have both masking and anamorph off.

I received a response yesterday from Anchor Bay that in summary said "don't use mode 1 and 2" with no explanation why. Very disappointing as I bought the unit specifically because Panamorph recommended it because of mode 1 & 2.
I guess I don't quite understand what you are trying to accomplish by using Mode 1 and 2...could you explain? Sorry if I am being thick.
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When using anamorphic lens (like Panamorph) mode 1 re-sizes pictures horizonally to fit 2.35:1 screen. Mode 2 re-sizes 16:9 content vertically to fit 2.35:1 screen. These modes simply aren't working as represented by Anchor Bay.
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