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VPH-1020 input options

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Total newbie everyone . . . sorry. I've tried reading and searching and I'm running out of search terms and can't seem to find the info I'm looking for. I just bought a VPH-1020Q for $80 bucks. I want to do a screen size of 90" (6'x4.5') and I want to play DVDs.

Some posts say just to use the composite inputs while others say to use RGBHV because the composite is terrible. Problem is that I can't find any posts on how to convert RGB on the back of a DVD player to RGBHV. At least none that are simple enough for me to follow.

I have found a VGA to RGBHV cable but the 1020 is video grade only. Will it accept a signal if I use 640x480? Is there a simple over-the-counter converter to convert rgb to rgbhv? I found a thread with a link to an eBay auction but the auction was over 6 months old and eBay had removed it.

Once again, sorry if this is a simple fix and I'm wasting bandwidth but I'm out of ideas on where else to look. Thanks in advance and thanks for this great resource. Tons of info!
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Dont be afraid to ask any questions, this forum is one of the best/friendliest around! Oh and Welcome :)

Your 1020 only accepts 480i, wont handle 480p that most RGB outputs on DVD players provide (I hope you dont mean component out, the one with 3 colored jacks on the back of your DVD player. Thats cant be converted by a simple cable.)

Your best bet is to use 480i composite input. IMO its not that bad. Cant beat 1080p though :p


There have been a lot of products on ebay that will do the job of converting composite or S-video to RGBHV. Or even component (YUV, or Y-Pr-Br) to RGBHV.

The red, green, and blue output jacks on your DVD player are PROBABLY component video,

and in that case you will need a transcoder to handle the conversion. BUT....most newer

DVD players output PROGRESSIVE video on the component jacks. Your PJ can NOT use

the resulting output. Try to feed it in and you may fry the PJ. It was not designed to

handle a signal at that high a frequency. And it will not.

So unless you're SURE that the DVD player is NOT outputting progressive video on the

component jacks, use only the S-video or composite outputs. S-video is better if you can

use it. But you still need a converter to RGBHV.

If the tubes on that PJ are in good shape and you take your time setting it up, you will

enjoy it, but it won't be long before you will want to upgrade.

I started with a 722, which is almost a twin of your 1020. It served me well for about three

years before I upgraded.

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