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My VPLHS20 is stuck in t
he mode where "Frequency out of range!" is displayed, and I can no longer display a video image with the projector.

This problem was probably triggered by the use of the BDP-S1 in 1080i mode over HDMI.

No matter what input I select, it displays this message. I can access the menu and cycle through the inputs. I have used both the BDP-S1 and a regular DVD player as sources, but nothing seems to work. I've tried different cables and also took it to a local store where they tried their cables.

I have left it unplugged from power many times, for hours, and even days. This did not help.


This projector worked fine for three years until I watched a few bluRay DVD's and regular DVD's through the BDP-S1 player using the HDMI input, and a 1080i signal. I have about 1100 hrs of use on the projector.

In fact I used the bluRay player and VPLHS20 together for a couple of weeks, viewing in 1080i mode. Then one night I go to watch a movie and this error message is displayed.


Now before I send this to Sony (I don't want to waste money), I was wondering if anybody has encountered this, and knows of a solution.

I am assuming the projector has:

i) Moved itself into some strange software state, maybe the ROM is too out of date and hooking this projector up to the BDP-S1 can cause problems.

ii) Or maybe the BDP-S1 actually over drove some signal input and damaged a chip on board the HS20.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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If you send it to Sony, don't use their shipping. See my thread here.

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