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Hi all,

I have a Pioneer VSX-1014 with JBL E80 Fronts and 2x JBL E250P subs. The rears are Mirage AVS-SATs and a AVS-100.

What speaker size should I choose in the speaker setup options?

Small speaker size gives me plenty of bass... but occasionally movies like the Patriot, where Mel Gibson talks in a deep voice, the dialog gets muddled due to too much bass. Large seems to lack bass.

However, in other movies like 2 Fast 2 Furious the bass is appreciated.

Can anyone recommend which speaker size I should use? According to the receiver, THX mode should be small.

Finally... is 80hz crossover too high considering I have mid-sized front speakers? Should I use a lower 50hz cross over?

I guess one of the problems I'm having with getting a good sound is the large size of the room - 30' x 40 feet... The Home Theater is in a corner of the room. The rest of the room is covered with tile flooring and there is also a stone staircase. The walls are bare and there is only a floor carpet in the home theater area.

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