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hi guys, I am reading this xforum for a while and never posted before, but now I need help.

just received my new receiver the VSX-1020K to replace my old Sony STR-DE875.

Setting it up was a breeze! For the most part!

Let me list what I have plugged in.

nintendo Wii on component 1

sky satellite on composite TV/SAT

euro satellite on Composite VIDEO IN

appleTV on HDMI 1

mac mini on HDMI2 (vian DVi to HDMI cable)

SHARP Aquos LC-42D62U (LCD 1080p)

My problems

1. When selecting either of composite input, the TV says incompatible input. i taught aboud HDMi/HDCP issue, but it works fine with the HDMI 1 & 2 in. So I think its an upconversion issue. i tried the different setting under VIDEO PARAMETERS, same thing. you mit noticed that I am living in Europe, so I use European sat boxes, but their output are set to NTSC and work fine when connected directly to the TV set. I am canadin living in europe for another 1 1/2 year so I don't want to invest into new HDMi sat receiver, these one are provided by my landlord for free.

Any taughts?

thanks and looking forward to share my experience with you guys.
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