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Just based on sound quality alone which of these would people recommend?

I know the Onkyo has wireless, bluetooth, HDCP 2.2, and even Atmos, but won't be using the first two at all, and realistically not getting a 4k TV for 2-3yrs and probably not a player that uses 2.2 past that, and don't have the room/space to upgrade to Atmos.

The pioneer has airplay, which I might use but probably not. But I hear the auto-calibration is better on it.

But again features aside, just based on sound quality I love to know what people recommend. I should mention I mostly game (on PS4, XB1, and a bit on WiiU), plus love watching blu-rays and various netflix/hulu streaming.


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IMO they all will sound alike. The only difference might be the effect the auto room correction/eq has on the sound.

Get the one that has the features you like best.
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