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I have a VSX-53 with Def Tech 8020st and cs-8040hd center. When I play music/movie in Stereo mode, the sound is more dynamic and loud but when I use all 3 of them together it sounds more flat and low(at the same volume level). When I increase the volume it does get better but stereo only mode is even louder making me wonder why do I need the center??? And the dialogues are clear with front only as well. I checked at Magnolia thinking I might be missing some settings but it sounds the same way there as well, even the person there was confused on hearing the difference. The difference is more when using ProLogic II on stereo audio streams.

FWIW: The Front 8020st are with inbuilt subs.

Here's what I have set in VSX-53:

SW: YES (or PLUS, doesn't matter) with LFE cables going to both of them



Cross Over: 80Hz

Did the MCACC Auto and Manual (both are the same)

Is this normal for the volume too be low and less dynamic when using 3 vs just front? Any clues/help would be appreciated.
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