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VT-12/STF-3/Denon 2803 electrical/clipping shutdown question

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Keep feeling like the village idiot with these questions, but at least I am learning something(s).

I have the ventriloquist VT-12, STF-3, and now a Denon 2803 I just purchased to replace the Yamaha 5750 that kept clipping and shutting down on me.

Someone recommended the Atlantic satellite stands for the HSU sats. They are nice and heavy and made of cast iron.

The way the stands work is there is a cast iron loop supporting the back of the satellite you can screw the speaker into. While the sats have nice banana-receivable plugs in the back, my banana plugs do not have any clearance from the cast iron loop(they rub the cast iron loop support).

Could this be the source of the problem? I've looked up electrical conductivity of cast iron and it is much lower (2-12 vs ~65) than gold (assuming that holds for gold plate).

I don't know much about Atlantic, but I figure that it would be almost as stupid of them to produce them as it would be for me to buy them if the stand support could cause a short.

Thanks for your help!

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