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After buying my VT60 from Best Buy, I had Geek Squad install and program it along with the Emotiva UMC-200 and program my Harmony One.  They ended up sending 3 different teams to get it close to right. There is about 100 hours on the set now and two issues remain:   The motion blur/jitter is bad. Engaging motion smoothing "somewhat" corrects the problem, but creates an unnatural picture.  Is this correctable or must I just live with it?


Next, when I select Netflix from the apps menu, THX Cinema and THX bright room options are gone from the mode menu.  I'm using an older good quality LG blu-ray player, so I wanted to use the TV's app menu to speed it up and get the newer netflix format. Is there a workaround so I can select Netflix from Apps and still use THX Cinema mode?


Geek squad is limited and I suspect that it can be hooked-up and tuned up better.  Anyone know a good installer in the Fort Lauderdale area who can look at it? Does ISF make connection adjustments or just calibrations? By the way, Geek Squad says they offer ISF calibrating and they say it takes them about "45" minutes!  I'm not sure why ISF would approve them to use the ISF name, when they offer such a minimal calibration. It seems like it will degrade the ISF brand.


Thanks in advance. 

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