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VTF-2 or Adire Audio Rava?

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Ok, I have decided to go with an Ascend 5.1 speaker setup (will upgrade to 7.1 when I get my new receiver in a few months). Now I need to decide if I want the VTF-2 or the Rava. The VTF-2 is $450, and the Rava is $399. It seems to me that with the Rava you get more sub for less money. I have been researching both for quite some time, and realize both are great subs. I will listen to about 90% movies, and 10% music on my system. Would I want a ported or sealed sub? does anyone have any suggestion/opinions to help me out? I know I cant go wrong with either, but it is so hard to decide! thanks
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These are at the top of the class in this range of pricing. Price is essentially equal because VTF-2 has free shipping. The STF-2 is also $399 (or cheaper if you can find one at compusa). You are facing a win win situation.
Well like I said, I will be playing 90% movies and 10% music on my system. Would I be better off with the VTF-2's ported design, or the sealed Rava? I have heard that sealed design are more "musical", so would I be right to assume that for movies the VTF-2 may sound a bit better?
I doubt anyone will split these two, as both should be right at the top of peoples lists in this price range. I myself have not had the luck to hear the Rava, but it certainly sound's like it would not be a performance disappointment. I have had the same feelings towards my 6 yr old VTF-2 which is used in a 60/40 HT/Music system. My little VTF-2 plays flat down to 25Hz and has great usable response down to 20Hz all at high spl levels. Most subs simply lack in one or two areas but the VTF-2 is very balanced and very neutral.

Don't sell the VTF-2 short on musicality (is that even a word?). I got to hear one this weekend with different styles of music and it was absolutely seamless. The speakers were Ascend 340 center, 170 mains, and 200 surrounds.

I own the Rava and have compared it to the VTF-2. I found the Rava to edge the Hsu in music as I thought that it reproduced complex bass passages with slightly greater accuracy and adeptness. But for a predominantly movie setup, I would go for the Hsu because IMO it provided greater impact (played deeper and louder) while compromising little on the musicality front.

If you are hung up on the price differential, go for the STF-2 which is basically a VTF-2 without the variable tuning feature since chances are you are going to want the sub to play in max extension mode anyhow. For $399 + shipping and/or tax, the Hsu STF-2 is one of the best sub deals out there.

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