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Vutec Silverstar 'scope in Australia

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Gentlemen, anyone know a dealer that will ship a Silverstar scope screen (the largest one, about 80 kilos)

to Australia? Also, cost competitive.

I've just bought a DaLite HP 'scope from a (very helpful) forum member here and I want to compare the two.

I've tried contacting Vutec directly but my emails seem to just vanish into the e-ether
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I don't know, but I had difficulty obtaining a sample piece by internet. I finally called them directly as all other forms of contact failed such as email/web interface. They were helpful once contacted.

Good luck.
I heard back from them. The usual story "you have to buy from our local distributor"

Problem is, the local distributor has whacked on a 300% margin (aka 'living in Australia' tax)

Shipping costs are fairly prohibitive these days.. I can't wait until someone invents a matter transporter...

If anyone here is selling a Silverstar (scope & fixed - large) and doesn't mind selling to Australia, please PM me.

Kind regards
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