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Long time lurker and I finally need personal help!

First off I'm not an audiophile/videophile in the least. Projector main use is for family movies, Xbox one and cartoons for kiddies.

Here's my projected setup

8' away from wall in built in cubby already wired up 1' off ceiling
9' white ceilings with dark grey painted walls
13' viewing distance
Room size is 30x60 (open basement)
Movie area is sectioned off with half walls 15x20
Complete darkness achievable
Think the image will be anywhere from 11-13' wide? Too much?

Think that's about all the details needed?

I can get both these screens for the same price.....should I go with the DaLite or elite? Elite is 1.1 and DaLite is 1.0




I def appreciate any help I can get here guys! Thanks for your time!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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