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WA - Anybody wanna split AV123 850/MFW deal?

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I just want the 850's. Don't have any need for the two subs.

Makes sense to split with someone (or multiple folks) locally.

Info is here .

PM me if interested.
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One of the two subs is officially spoken for.

Need one more local bass lover to jump in on this!

PM me if you're lacking LFE.

I will be ordering Monday.
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Sunday morning week 16 NFL schedule bump.
I would check to see if the warranties are transferable. Someone mentioned in the speaker forum that they are not.
I'm sure they would let all parties register their individual components for themselves. I have an email in to confirm that, but of course they aren't available on the weekend.

If not possible, I would be more than happy to facilitate any needed warranty claims for any local folks that joined in on this.

So really, no worries either way.

But yeah, I will confirm the product registration part of things. I would assume that would not be a problem.
What price are you looking for on the MFW-15? I assume that AV123 would ship the sub to a different location.
I'm saying local on this because it takes the bargain out of it shipping one of the items somewhere else. AV123 can essentially load up one palette going to one location for pretty much a set freight charge for all. Having them send one of the items elsewhere.. well, that item will incur its own shipping charge, which ain't cheap for this big heavy sub.

If someone wanted to pay shipping elsewhere, that's fine. But it's not nearly as good a deal.
Well if purchased separately the MFW-15's are $799/ea. The package normally costs $2997 without shipping so at $1797 that's a reduction of 40%. So if the discount is applied evenly to all pieces that puts the MFW-15 at $479 + ~$125 shipping totalling around $600+ shipped so you're still $300 cheaper than buying a single from AV123.

I'd say that still sounds pretty good. That is if that's how you were figuring the split.
Yeah, I was figuring half for the speakers, half for the subs (or 1/4) total cost for a single sub.
Well I really want another subwoofer to go along with my Epik Tower to give me some more output, but I don't want to spend $600 on a sub at the moment. I wish I did
This would be a good deal. Really good actually. I really want a Popcorn Hour and 1TB HDD to go along with it to manage all my audio/video content in my system. I think that will be my next purchase. I wish you luck in finding someone local though!

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Originally Posted by jephdood /forum/post/15399404

Yeah, I was figuring half for the speakers, half for the subs (or 1/4) total cost for a single sub.

I will take it if they will ship just one sub to Phoenix.

If anyone in Phoenix is interested we can do this. I just want one sub.
I got a B-stock MFW-15 for about $480 shipped.

Don't need no split no more.
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I'm calling the order in soon. 'Bout an hour from now (or so)...
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Both subs now spoken for. Thanks!
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