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I have a large entertainment center tha takes up my entire wall, and just have some questions about placing speakers on it.

Pic of the entertainment center. I did not buy the middle piece that the TV is on, and have a shorter tv stand. My TV about a foot lower than the picture as a result. Also, that shelf above the TV is adjustable to any height I'd like.


I have the Polk RM 6750 system if that matters (so the speakers are smaller, satellite speakers):


I more than likely am going to put everything all in one row about 1.5-2 feet above the tv (I would angle them down). If you look at the picture and I'd put the center speaker on that high shelf above the TV (leaving it where it is in the picture), and the left and right's on the far left and right. That way they'd all be at the same height.

Is it bad at all for acoustics to have the speakers directly resting on the entertainment center (I would probably use door stops to angle them down)? Is it better to put them on stands for whatever reason? If so, anyone know where I can get some really short stands, that have the ability to angle downwards?

PS - Wall mounting the speakers is an option, but I'd want to put them way higher than the center channel speaker, or put the center channel pretty high as well. All above this entertainment center, which only leaves about a foot of space to the ceiling.

Thank in advance for any help/advice
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