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My dedicated theater space is extremely narrow at about 11.5' and I'm seriously kicking around the idea of decoupling and DD on all walls and the ceiling (which is 8.5' tall). The biggest issue for me with these constraints is the placement of the surround speakers as there's just no room.

Ideally having them in-wall would save the most space but that has to kill any soundproofing or at least seriously hamper it and for the coin required to soundproof, that's a risk I'd rather not take.

So naturally, I look up at the ceiling but the same problem presents itself. Then, I stumble onto that rubber Dynabox product which looks interesting but I still hate the idea of cutting a hole in DD. That's when I see these Bogen pendant speakers listed on Amazon a few products below the Dynabox and I'm intrigued because I would only need to drill a small hole for the speaker wire which could easily - I think - be sealed up with acoustical caulk.

So am I crazy for thinking this is a good idea? The speakers are 16 ohm but they'd just be used for the mids and rears on a 7.1 setup.

Here's a link to what I'm talking about...

EDIT: I should also point out that I'm planning on dark grey walls with a black ceiling so I would, obviously, use the black version of these which should make them virtually invisible.

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I have a similar situation, but soundproofing isn't much of a concern for me. After sheetrock my theater width is 10' 10". I ended up using in walls for the side and left and right speakers, and in ceilings for the rears. I built backer boxes for the speakers just so I can control the volume of air behind them. But you can use that approach for sound proofing as well.


That's the file showing how to building boxes for recessed lighting while still maintaining the sound isolation. By expanding on the dimensions, you can use the same approach for speakers. If you are already DDing the room, making the boxes shouldn't add significant cost, but they did take longer than I expected.

Just another option to think about.
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