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Wall Colors And Screens/Interaction?

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I am getting a Grayhawk screen for use with my Sony VW-10HT. We are considering a shade of blue for our walls. Will blue color walls create any problems with video color accuracy on the screen?
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Yes, but depending on the shade of blue you use it may be so little that no one will be able to notice.

Consider that you're using a fairly bright LCD based projector. The Grayhawk screen is going to reduce the brightness slightly giving you better blacks. I believe you'll still have a bright image that will probably dominate your visual field.

Use a flat paint (not a gloss) and try to aim at a darker colour than a brighter one.

If you are really concerned about video accuracy, you'll be limited to a neutral dark gray colour. IMHO there are more important trade offs.

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I don't think it's so much color accuracy but more room appearance. I have been in HTs with dark flat paint and in them with lighter glossy type paint and in the lighter ones the whole room lights up when the projector is on, which destroys part of the experience.

In a proper room the screen becomes the only thing that can be seen. I must admit that is not the way it was in my last HT (wife refused dark grey walls) but I was not happy with it - NEXT time I'm putting my foot down http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif


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