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Wall mount brackets for workout room

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Hey gang. Yes, I know there are probably 12 or 37 threads on this somewhere, but if someone wants to chime in with recommendations or suggestions, I'm looking for a decent, inexpensive pair of bookshelf speaker mounting brackets for my workout room. It's in a basement, and I will have to mount in concrete walls. I want them to pivot up/down and swivel left/right in order to aim the speakers. I assume most will do this. I plan to screw the speakers to the bracket with black wood screws, since I am using very inexpensive bookshelf speakers.

I have a pair of Infinity R152's that I just hooked up to listen to today. I also have a pair of DCM TP-160S. I like both of them a lot, especially for how much I have in them. My setup is currently sitting on a plastic folding table and the looks are, well, not exactly magazine worthy. I figure I might try to spruce things up a little without spending much. I'd like to wall mount the speakers and thought about doing two sturdy floating shelves. One for the AVR and streamer, the other for the display. Here's how it, unfortunately, looks at the moment:
Computer Personal computer Computer monitor Table Furniture

Here is one of the first mounts that popped up on an Amazon search:
Speaker mounting bracket.

Edit: note to self——WTB cable management. Kthnxbye.
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"Monoprice" has a much better selection than Mr. Bezos.

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I'm using the similar-looking VideoSecu. I think it's a good value.

Screwed into studs rather than concrete, though.
Waiting on the brackets to come in that I linked in the first post. In the meantime, I installed a couple of shelves. Here's where things stand currently:

If the brackets come in tomorrow I'll be able to finish up and do a before/after shot.
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Still have some fine tuning on cable management, but here's a quick and dirty setup:

Ran out of time to really get the wiring perfect but its not terrible. Need a fresh coat of paint now!

I'm happy with the mounting brackets, especially for what I paid for them. They actually hold the speakers fairly securely without any screws….they clamp in on the base of the speaker pretty well, especially since I don't have them angled down.
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