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Wall Mount Location - How to Center

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Mounting a Samsung Q90R 82", vesa 600x400, weight without stand 116lbs.

The wall it is mounting on 159.75". Issue is a center stud, which measures 80.75" from left wall, and 79.75" from right wall. Studs are approx 16" apart on center. Two wall mounts in possession:


The Echogear wall plate is not as wide. I have to slide the wall plate 4.25" to the left to hit the center of two studs, and given the tv, only have 2.5" on mount available to slide back right for center. There is also an extra 0.5" at play for the center stud being slightly off center. The Monoprice mount has a wide enough plate to center, but sits out about another inch from the wall and overall is not as well made IMO. Lag bolts don't appear as strong and overall steel construction is thinner. Echogear can also extend out a couple of inches if needed for my hand to slide up the back, before rescinding on itself.

  1. Use Echogear, and based on calculations TV will be ~1-2" off center in the room
  2. Use Monoprice mount as is; tv sticks out further
  3. Use Monoprice wall mount and Echogear brackets; best of both, but I lose the ability to tighten two small screws from underside of mounting bracket that prevent lateral movement and other security
  4. Mount Echogear on center stud with two of the four 5/16x2 3/4" lag bolts; secure right and left of bracket with Hillman toggles in drywall. While rated at 80lbs in drywall, I am not looking for these to carry weight, but keep the mount flat and taught (weight will be on two center lag bolts)

For the past hour, everyone of the above options was a winner at one point in my mind.

Apologies if this isn't the right area to post, but appeared more relevant.
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1, most people don't walk around with tape measures in their pocket to make sure it is perfectly centered. I once asked a client to place a tape measure on the floor centered on a wall that was 14 feet wide. We then measured it's position and he was off 3 inches.
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Attached a piece of plywood on the wall spaning 3 studs and then you can mount the bracket anywhere you want.
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The 2 things I have done in your situation.

1. Cut the drywall out where you specifically want the mount to be. Add cross beam 2x4's between the studs so you have a solid surface to mount on. Then replace that cutout drywall with 1/2 plywood. between the new cross beams and the plywood it will be as solid a mounting surface as you'll find.

2. Just mount the bracket on the available studs. Then slide your TV over enough on the mount to be centered. It's not like your TV ONLY mounts to a specific spot on the mounting bracket. It should have plenty of room to slide side to side to get it centered. It's obviously more important to get the bracket securely mounted first... then center the TV on the wall from that point. If your bracket is not big enough to be able to center your TV a few inches left or right than you need a bigger bracket. I've mounted 3 of my TV's like this (75 inch is the biggest) and this is the mount I use:


Despite what it says for TV size it works with bigger TV's. It is wide enough to be able to slide the TV side to side and get it centered right and still be in the studs. (mine is in 3 studs). Holds 165lbs and makes mounting easy. Sorry but this is the only picture of the mount I have but you can see that there is a good 8 inches of side to side play if needed.


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Thanks. Issue is the preferred mount is only 24-26” wide, and when moved off center to align with optimal studs, I do not have enough play to slide the tv back to a center room position due to the 600 wide vesa mount.

Plywood options are good but not sure I want to cut away drywall and do that all for the sake of a couple of inches. Might just use the larger monoprice mount and deal with it sticking off the wall a little more than preferred.
Buy a mount that's big enough to actually be useful with a 82" TV and stop trying to save a couple bucks by giving yourself a big headache
Buy a mount that's big enough to actually be useful with a 82" TV and stop trying to save a couple bucks by giving yourself a big headache
Ha, no one is trying to save a couple of bucks or concerned with headaches at all! I have 3 mounts at home, one of which was stated for tv's up to 85".

The challenge is not the mount or me being cheap, its simply finding a mount that has a wide enough wall plate to cover studs on 16" with a center stud. I'm $10k into this room, rest assured a $200 mount isn't the stumbling block but thanks anyway
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