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Wall Mounted Projector

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I have spent a few days anonymously reading these forums collecting all kinds of valuable information in my quest to add a dedicated theater in my basement. I am in the process of adding a wall to close off an area. I have not selected a projector yet, but am wanting to lay in the conduit for the cables running to the projector. Since I am only adding the back wall, it would be simplest for me to just mount the projector to the back wall. I would avoid needing to dig into the ceiling, which would be a major hassle.

I have been trying to find information on wall mounts and am surprised by how difficult a time I am having finding anything. There is obviously plenty on wall mounting the screen, but it seems that everyone mounts the projector to the ceiling. Is there some technical reason why this is not a good idea? Does anyone have a recommendation for a good universal wall mount (since I haven't selected the projector). I was thinking of just mounting a shelf on the back wall, but that would limit the flexibility of fine tuning the projector angle (pitch/roll/yaw).
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Mount a shelf and then use an inexpensive ceiling mount to fix the projector underneath the shelf. Then you get tilt adjustments and many options for centering the throw on the screen. Thats what I'm doing. The shelf becomes usable space as well,
on for the example the Pan AE700/900 series (which are also designed for easy shelf mounting using front heat exhaust etc) using a back shelf - has many advantages

1. the optical lens shift basically takes care of any adjustments needed

2. you can best recreate in- commercial theater designs with the projector firing over viewers heads or shoulders - at fairly modest angles permitting a near dead center hit if desired

3. short HDMI/DVi runs when cable HD or SAT HD or OTA Hd box (or other components) is positioned near projector

4. complete dust protection - when not in use - is far easier
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I built a wall mount for my SP4805.. it has a pretty hefty lens offset, which is good because it allowed me to mount the projector almost 7 ft. above the floor, but the middle of my screen is around 3.5 ft. above the floor.

The threaded rods being positioned at the north/south/east/west position instead of the 4 corners allows full tilt/roll adjustment, and I also slotted the holes in the upper shelf to allow a slight bit of yaw adjustment.

It's not totally done yet, it will be painted black and the threaded rods will be trimmed off the top.

Thanks for all the great ideas. I agree with the many advantages of shorter cable runs. Malcomhawk: what inexpensive ceiling mount are you using...there are a million choices out there and it would be helpful to jump right to something that works. Do I need to wait until I buy the projector to make sure that the mount will work or are they generic/universal?

These replys got me thinking about the height of the mount. My room is only 14 feet long and 12 feet wide. Ceilings are 7' 8" (basement). Mounting to the wall maximized the throw distance, but it is still going to be only 13-ish feet. I would like to mount it as high as possible to keep the kids from touching it. I would also like the screen to be as large as possible. I haven't spent alot of time researching projectors, but would like to nail down the location of the mount for conduit routing purposes. Will I be able to snug this up to the ceiling or should I drop it down? PatrickGSR94 mentioned 7' height...what was the throw distance?
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Here is mine. I got the idea from a plexglass version posted here on the forum. I still need to router the edges and paint the entire thing black and trim the threaded bolts...but maybe it will help you decide.

I used a simpler mthord. I bought a TV wall mount for cheap, and used that. It is held in by 4 big screws, looks nice, and was cheap. You can also move the projector when you want.
The throw distance in the setup I have pictured above is right around 9 feet. The room is quite small, only 10.5 x 10 ft. I would say the upper wood shelf you see in the pic is probably more like 6 ft. 8 inches high (same as the height of a standard interior door). This makes my image about 63 x 35", and the top edge of the image is right at 5 ft. 7 in. high, bottom is about 2 ft. 8 in. from the floor. This makes the screen height very comfortable when sitting on my couch underneath the projector, which is lower than most other couches. You don't have to keep looking up into the air to see the image.
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