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wall-mounting N805 as surrounds

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Hi everyone,

I'm preparing a room for exclusive HT use only and have a question...

I have B&W N805 surrounds that I need to mount on the wall, I have no choice but to do this...

The speakers weigh in at 9kg, what would be the best way to wallmount them, or have them hanging from the ceiling?

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I have those speakers as my mains. PM me because I might lose track of this thread. I made some aluminum parabolic pieces that bolt into the bottom of the N805 and screw into a standard speaker stand (cause I couldnt afford the $500 B&W Nautilous stands).

Perhaps my design could help you. I figure you could use something similar to a swivel plasma screen wall mount arm connected to the aluminum adaptor piece. It wont be cheap, but you cant go cheap because the N805 are not light bookshelf speakers at all.

Ill try to take some pictures if I remember to.
Hi Jonomega,

Would you mind posting your design for the aluminum parabolic pieces? Did you make them yourself or did you have it done by somebody else?

I am trying to hang a pair of 805's on the wall and I like your suggestion of using a plasma wall mount arm.

My harddrive crashed and i lost all of my pictures :(

Basically, what I did was take a 1/4" thick aluminum plate (purchased from Mcmaster-carr) that was a rough 2'x14" dimension.

I used template paper when my speakers were upside down in the original styrofoam packaging (didnt want to risk destroying the tweeters) and found that the parabolic shape on the bottom of the N805 is not exactly uniform. So, I made templates for each speaker and transfered them onto the aluminum plate.

Additionally, on the bottom of the plates, I made through holes where I could screw in a bolt from the bottom and into the bottom of the speaker.

Following that, I made through holes in the center of the top of the plate which corresponded to the stand's holes so that I would bolt the aluminum onto the stand from the top, and then bolt the speaker to the aluminum from the bottom.

This was not easy because if the holes do not line up perfectly, you are in trouble. To help a little bit, I oversized the holes by about 1/16" for play room.

With all of this planned out, I tried to make a program for a milling machine to do the cut, but the milling machine was out of service. I would recommend you use a milling machine.

I had to use a band saw (big pain in the butt, busted a few blades). Then I used a grinder to get closer to the template lines. I then finished with a belt sander. Finally, I used a typical motorized rotary hand sander to clean off the surfaces and sprayed some flat black bbq grille spray paint onto it. Surprisingly, this is the only paint that I could get to stick to the aluminum without it flaking off. This was a life saver because I did not want to go and get it anodized.

Finally, I went to the arts and craft store and bought some pretty good quality felt. The felt lines the top and bottom surface to minimize vibration transfer and to not scratch anything.

Good luck and have fun! It is a lot of work, but if you are good with tools, it will be much cheaper doing it yourself than buying some contraption that almost works. If you do it yourself, and measure very carefully, it will be the perfect adaptor for your speakers without question.
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Thanks. The job looks like it may be beyond me :( . I will give it a shot anyway. Thanks again for taking the time to post the detailed instructions.
I use these B-Tech wall mounts from Crutchfield to hold my CDM 1NT's, which are same size as your 805's. The brackets are extremely well built, adjustable on both axis', and are rated for well over the weight of the speaks. Most importantly, at least to me, was that they grip the speaker through compression so you don't have to worry about drilling into the beautiful cabinetry. Think of a vise grip and you get the idea.

Hope this helps.

Are the bottom "grippers" able to be individually pivoted around an axis through the speaker from top to bottom? The sides of the 805s are not square but rather have a decreasing radius curve. If the clamps could be angled, then one could probably make some inserts out of nylon blocks that would allow matching the contour of the cabinet to spread out the compressive forces.

Originally Posted by topspeed
Most importantly, at least to me, was that they grip the speaker through compression so you don't have to worry about drilling into the beautiful cabinetry. Think of a vise grip and you get the idea.
Since the 805's have curved sides, the flat side grips of the B-Tech mount may not work. And there doesn't seem to be a front-to-back gripping mount out there that's big enough for the 805 (14" deep). That's why I was going the custom route.
Well, it's been a while but...

I'm still looking for a solution!

Sometimes I feel like giving up and exchanging the N805 for a pair of XT2 or even XTC speakers.

I just wonder if they match with my N804's...
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