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I know the topic of installing in metal studs has been covered quite extensively in this forum, but I would like opinions on which of the following two options is better.

I'm mounting a 47" LED (34 lbs) with an articulating wall mount (26 lbs) that has a maximum extension of 18.7" into metal studs in my apartment. The dimensions of the wall plate for the mount are 18" x 8 1/4".

The wall on which I would like to mount the TV has three studs (standard 16" on center spacing) and I'd like to center my mount on this wall. I am contemplating two installation options that don't involve tearing up the wall and would like some opinions.

Option 1:

I'll install 3/4" plywood over the drywall and span three studs using Toggler Snaptoggles (1/4"-20 bolts) and fasten mount to this plate. This back plate will have three of these togglers in each stud for a total of 9 togglers. I'm unsure of the best way of fastening the mount to this wall plate; should I use togglers again and go through the plywood AND drywall?

Option 2:

I'll install two mild steel flat bars (1 1/4" wide by 1/8" thick) horizontally, long enough to span across three wall studs, again using Toggler Snaptoggles, and fasten mount to these metal bars. The mount will then be fastened to these bars. This option is better described here.... [Link: raktron.com] with the exception that my installation will be in metal studs and I'll use the Toggler Snaptoggles. Again, I'm unsure of the best way of fastening the mount to these metal plates. The article has described a method but I was wondering If I could use togglers to go through the metal AND drywall?

I like option 2, as it allows the TV to sit closer to the wall, as I only plan on extending the TV away from the wall on few occasions.

I appreciate your thoughts/criticisms. Thanks!
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