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I am in the process of framing and drywalling my home theater room(also living room), and I would like ideas on what to do speaker wires and cables. I like the idea of wall plates, and possibly a recessed panel like this:

Go to post #9.

I see lots of pictures of the final room from a distance, but haven't seen too many closeups of what is behind the TV, the speakers, etc. My setup is a 42" Panny that will be mounted on the wall, Denon AVR reciever, and 5.1 Klipsch speakers. The only plates I think the recessed panel will need are one for the HDMI going to the reciever, the 5.1 speakers, and a few power cables for the TV, reciever, 360, plus anything else that gets added to it. What do you guys suggest I get. Any pictures of how you setup your HT using wall plates? Thanks
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