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First of all, that speaker isn't that big and it only weighs 14#.... not very much considering.

Second, you will need to find out....
  • Are there any mounting holes currently on the speaker?
  • If so, are they on the back or bottom (that will determine the type of mount)?
  • If no mounting holes exist, where is the crossover located? (If you go drilling mounting holes and drill through the crossover board.... you're screwed).

I would HIGHLY recommend NOT "mounting" the speaker with any type of mount. I would suggest some type of shelf mounted to the wall with the speaker on the shelf.

I'd also recommend that the shelf be capable of being pulled away from the wall at least 4" to 6." That speaker is rear ported and if you get it too close to the wall, the ports won't be able to work properly and the speaker will sound muddy.

Do a Google search for articulating center channel speaker shelves. You will find all kinds of possibilities.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts