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Want a Large screen TV 70-80 inch What is the best?

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I have a 60" Pioneer Elite Plasma and want to go to a 70 or 80" What should I buy for the best picture quality in a large set. I would have Chad calibrate it?
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I'm in the same boat, (except, fortunately for me, not coming from something as nice as a KURO) sadly the pickings are slim. There are a few 2014 possibilities, but none are for sale yet. Unless you want to get an edge-lit LCD, or spend over $10k. Hopefully there's something I'm missing here.
I'm in the same boat as well.

Here is a short list of what is available in 2014 in 1080P that I'm considering.


UN75H7150 - $4000 - 3D

UN75H6350 - $3300 - no 3D?

Not sure what the main differences are between these two models.


LC-80UQ17U - $5497 (the 1k/4k hybrid)

LC-80LE650U - $3300


KDL-70W850B - $2600


70LB7100 - $2800


M702i - $1900

M801i - $3300

I know the Sony is available mid-March. I think the Samsung, Sharp, and LG models are March/April. The rumors on the Vizio models say May for their M series. As much as I want to see how nice a Vizio FALD panel looks like, I don't think I can wait that long.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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