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Want to audition Diva's and SVS

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My friend and I are hoping to audition the Diva's (hopefully the floorstanding models) and the SV Subs that we see here all the time and we wanted to know if there was anyone in the Fort Worth, TX area that might be kind enough to allow us to listen to their pieces. Basically, we want to hear for ourselves these highly rated speakers (and sub). If anyone has these here, please feel free to email me.


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Go to Audioenvy.com and request an audition there. Your request will be sent to Diva and SVS owners in your area that have registered at the site. They will then contact you to set up a time for an auditon.

Good luck!

There are *a lot* of Diva owners in Texas...you should have no problem finding a willing auditioner @ audioenvy.

Let us know what you think after checking them out...

LH, if you cannot find anyone in your area let me know for I demo'ed my Diva's to someone from Dallas on a business trip to SA about two weeks ago and may still have his e-mail address. Hopefully he will return a small favor to the church. :) From what I understand his system is still a working progress so no sub yet.


If you can come to Houston, email me.

I have the 6.1's, C3, SVS 20-39+, amp is an EAD PM1000.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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