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08-May-03: We are no longer taking applications for Beta Testers. Thank you to all who have applied, we will let you know soon if you have been accepted to take part in the program. We invite everyone to check http://www.rokulabs.com for updates about this and future products

Roku, a new company started by the founder of ReplayTV, is looking for beta testers and third-party developers for its upcoming product. The product is geared towards owners of high-definition displays as well as users of digital cameras. We are also looking for people to develop on the platform, which is intended to be open and readily extensible.

Ok, time for Q & A:

Roku? What is this Roku of which you speak?

Roku is a new company, based in Palo Alto, California. It was started by the founder of ReplayTV in 2002. Roku aims to make very cool and useful products for the modern connected home. Roku's homepage is at http://www.rokulabs.com .

Started by the founder of ReplayTV you say. Is it a PVR?

No, the product is NOT a PVR.

Tell me more about the product.

It's still early in the product's life so we can't reveal everything to the public, but we can tell you this: the product is designed to sit alongside the rest of your audio and video gear and be a very cool and useful device. You might be able to read the questions for the beta-testing application (below) and infer from them something about the functionality of the product. If you apply to be a beta tester, and are offered the chance to be a beta tester, you will be able to get the full details of the product before accepting the offer (an NDA will be required).

What does a beta tester do?

A beta tester will use the product and report back to the company with bug reports and suggestions on how to make the product better.

You mentioned third-party developers, what did you mean?

In addition to beta testers to use the product, we'd like to find a few people to write applications for the product. The product is based on the Linux operating system and will be an open platform allowing users to make new applications for the product. We will provide an SDK with which applications can be developed.

What Does It Cost to Participate in the Beta Program?

We will require all beta testers to pay a $50 fee to participate in the program. We believe this will help us ensure that our beta testers are serious about helping and not just looking to get a free product.

What's In It For Me?

As a beta tester you will get to help ensure the quality of a product as well as be the first on your block to use a new and exciting product. In addition, active beta testers that provide good feedback will get to keep their unit as well as receive preference for future beta tests.

Ok, I'm sold, how do I apply?

To apply, send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

NOTE: An HDTV-compatible display is required, but you do not need to have all the other items listed. We need to know this information in order to select a good mix of configurations with which to test the device.

1a. What kind of HDTV display do you have? (eg. plasma, crt rptv)

1b. What input resolutions does it support?

1c. What types of connections are supported on your display (eg. SVideo, RGB/VGA, YPrPb/Component)?

2. Do you have a digital camera?

2a. If yes, what model?

2b. What storage format do you use?(Compact Flash, Smart Media, etc)

2c. What resolution do you most often use?

2d. How often do you use your camera?

3. Does your audio system support SPDIF coax digital audio input?

4. Do you have a Crestron-based control system?

5. Are you interested in writing Linux programs for the device?

5a. If yes, what distribution and kernel version do you use?

5b. What programming experience do you have, specifically with C++?

6. Do you have a home network?

6b. If yes, is it wired or wireless?

6b. What OS(es) are on the computer(s) on the network?

7. Please list your other AV source, particularly High-Definition sources.

8. Have you ever been a beta tester before?

9. What is you name, email address, sex, age, profession and in what city and state do you live?
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