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Want to get more BASS from 5.1?

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I have spent the last 8 hours testing and retesting my set-up,just to make sure that I'm indeed getting ALOT more bass from the 5.1 analog outputs of my HDA1

I have taken the Sub Woofer rca cable out of my H/K 525 receiver and placed it directly into the HDA1!

The difference in bass is like night & day.It took me a whole 2 minutes to do this.

I'm so glad that this worked because the 5.1 has better clarity than the digital output but did not have enough bass.

I tried adjusting 5.1 set-up thru H/K 525 & the HDA1 and the only way I could get any deceit bass was to lower my speaker outputs...which wasn't optimal!!!

I just thought I would let anybody interested in getting more bass from there 5.1 set-up know that they should atleast try it before dismissing it!

You will not regert it!!!
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What sub are you using? Is it self-powered? I have an H/K 310avr with Sony SA-WM40 12" sub.
quickfire: If you plug the bass right into the A1, how do you control the volume of the sub? Wouldn't you want a "preamp" stage (ie from your preamp/receiver)? The only way to control the bass level would then be from the 5.1 setup of the A1 or the sub itself, but that would be quite awkward.

I believe you are getting more bass because the line level of the sub output from the A1 is higher than what is coming from your receiver (which is controlled by the volume control).

Just a thought.
The purpose of running it through your receiver is to control the level of the sub relative to the level of the other speakers. In other words, increasing or decreasing the volume of all the speakers and the sub equally and at the same time. Using your method, your only option is adjusting the level control on the sub amp every time you increase or decrease the volume on the receiver. If you never touch your volume control, (maybe you always listen at a predetermined reference level), then you're good to go. :)


CD_14 beat me to it, so sorry if this is a rehash.
You guys are absolutely correct!!!While watching the HDDVD today....I never even thought of changing the volume:(I had it set to -20 which I have always used!!!!The bass is increased dramatically!!But I have no way of controlling it with the speakers unless I leave it set to -20(which is my normal HDDVD or SDDVD audio level) or I could adjust sub everytime I use it while using the 5.1 analog inputs!:(which isn't going to happen!
What happens if use your system for something other than movie watching?

(UPDATE).....I have found away to have the best of both worlds......#1 have correct bass levels on 5.1 set-up ............#2 have normal base levels with all other hardware D* H20,Digital Stream OTA HD receiver, Sony 995 mega dvd changer & HDA1 with digital only!...........

1st you have to set a pre determined sound level or adjust bass everytime volume is adjusted with receiver!!!

What I did was take a RCA audio switcher (a RCA video/audio switcher works fine in this case also!

I ran a RCA cable out of the HDA1 subwoofer output into the switcher,then ran the RCA cable coming out of the H/K receiver into switcher also!

That way when using all other equipment I can just leave it on the reciever button on the audio switcher .....It works for all equipment including the HDA1...when I want the use the digital out on the HDA1 I simply leave it on the receiver output button.....I get the normal bass that adjust with the H/K receiver along with all other equipment:D

When i want to use the 6 channel direct input from HDA1 to H/K receiver i select the direct to sub woofer input on the audio switcher ......which in turn gives great bass ......but remeber you have to leave the audio setting at a pre determined level which i have always done anyways,or you can adjust the sub when you change the volume on the receiver.....

I know this is sort of a trade off but for know it will do!

The 5.1 sound out of the HDA1 ......is now finally breath taking,I have never heard a more detailed sound in my life:D

Hey if you think it a stupid idea...then dont try it..those of you that are people that have to at least try it ......you wont be dissapointed....

BUT remember you will have to have a audio switcher to mantain normal sub woofer functions with all other equipment!

If anybody has any questions fire away!
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Are you saying that the HK525's 6-ch input's level adjustments are not sufficient to balance the main channels relative to the sub channel? If you have run out of range, you may need to turn up the gain on the subwoofer itself, then turn down the sub output when the HK is decoding internally, so the extra gain is there when needed for the analog mode. In other words, the HK ought to allow you to set the sub gain for both the analog bypass and the digital processing modes.
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