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I just learned that my 7 year-old Sony ES Receiver cannot handle the 5.1 sound signal output from my Toshiba A-2. Hence I get poor audio quality on the voice track. So I guess I'm in the market for a new reciever. Below is my current configuration:

3-year old 50" Panny plasma with 1080i (w/one HDMI input)

5 inwall Speakercraft speakers (so no real opportunity to add more speakers for 7.1)

120 watt Paradigm powered sub

Sony ES Receiver

Toshiba A2 HD-DVD Player

Apple TV

CD Player


D*TV w/HD Tivo

The Apple TV, A2 and the D* HD TIVO run through a powered HDMI switcher into the plasma. In addition I have an optical cable running from the D* HD TIVO, the A2 and Apple TV into the Sony A/V Receiver so when I want I can listen to the sound through my home theater. This is also nice for the wife and kids so they can just simply turn on any of the components and listen through the TV speakers (via HDMI) w/out having all the confusion of the A/V reciever. I would like to keep this option in the new set-up.

I'm willing to spend up to $800. I want to make sure I maximize the HD-DVD and Apple TV (especially given that they will now provide donwloadable HD movies in 5.1 sound). I also want to make sure I maximize the sound of the powered sub and decent speaker set up. I don't think I will add more for 7.1 unless someone has any good ideas.

I don't want my wife to have to turn on the A/V receiver everytime she wants to watch TV or a DVD. So keeping that flxibility is important. In fact many times my kids will watch a movie using the TV speakers and I use A/V receiver for music and switch the speakers to B which support my living room upstairs in my house where I have a Bose set up. This I definatley need to have (an IR remote would also be helpful here so I can control volume from a different floor w/out having to run back downstairs).

Given all this. What do you recommend?
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