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WANTED: pics of some cool HT entrances

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I am wanting to make a cool looking entry into my HT and need some ideas with pics would be awesome. What I want to do is some sort of elabrate columns on either side of the the door and some sort of decoration above the door.

I have a place near me that can make anything I want. The problem is trying to find some pictures of something like what I want so that they can modify and make my entrance for me.

If some of ya'll with some cool looking entrances could post some pics for I would really appreciate it.
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There's two entrances on this page. I don't know if I'd call them awesome.
They had some cool = expensive doors. I am planning on using a solid plain door and have a local artist that I know paint a ticket booth with a ticket taker on the door. I kinda want some stone looking columns and pediment above the door and maybe have the theater name done in the part above the door. I know I saw some cool ones a while back during some members const. photos but I can't remember who they were. Thanks for trying to help Bob.
Here's mine. The outside of the rotating door has yet to be painted since that part of the basement is not finished yet. I'm still formulating ideas for a cool mural around it. There ar about 20 ideas I'm floating about to draw but I'm leaning to a star trek type theme. Open to ideas though.


In case your wondering the door is about 2500 bucks (but I got it cheap :))
Hey Taiser,

Thanks for the picture I have seen your door andchecked out your pictures before. Pretty cool. I not going that extreme but it does look cool. Thanks again

I am just curious how you are going to get the HT seating into the theater through that door?
The door is actually on hidden hinges as well with a solid steel frame. It just swings open like a normal door when I want and gives me a 38" opening (bigger than most outside entrance doors).

I had to temporarily bolt it to the wall (notice the four silver bolts in photo) for now because the sub floor is not finished on the outside. Just a precaution because I didn't want any fat buddies of mine stepping on the outer part and warping the door frame. :)
Since my theater is themed (Star Trek), so naturally is the entrance. It is a one piece solid sliding door decorated to look like the split sliding doors of Star Trek.


Here's my ticket booth door but it could easily be adapted for a theater entrance.....
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Originally posted by Chris_Holmes
Here's my ticket booth door but it could easily be adapted for a theater entrance.....
Chris, Love the entrance! This is just what I am wanting to build. would love to see more entrances similar to yours. Hope you don't mind if a steal a few of your ideas. the Door is way cool. Great idea with the movie reels too.
That is very nice Chris!!Love the blue.

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